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Request for bloggers to review the movie 'Toss'

Sharing this on behalf of my friend Chhavi, who wrote to me with her request for bloggers to review the new movie 'Toss'.  Please read and connect directly.




I'm writing to invite bloggers who would be interested in reviewing the film Toss to get in touch with us - we'll hook them up with a pair of free tickets either today (Sep 1) to view it at any theatre near them. They need to send us an sms (or call) with their name, closest theatre showing Toss and the time they want to view it along with the URL for their blog ASAP.

We're doing this mostly because the mainstream media (in the face of 9 releases last weekend) has pretty much ignored Toss. The movie is totally youth focused (18-35 years) and we feel there's just not been enough awareness of it to direct people towards it.

The number to text is +91.90.0434.3778
Remember to send 1. your name, 2. blog's URL, as well as 3. time & venue you want to see Toss. All reviews are welcome.

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