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Brass Tacks

What a disaster

I never thought i would write this. I just came back from watching Slumdog Millionaire and was thoroughly dissappointed.


There is no plot (whatever there is is contrived and implausible), and the movie doesn't make any point apart from showing that a boy from the slums became a millionaire and got the girl. Everything else is a macabre and distorted depiction of poverty and injustice and in India packaged as entertainment.

There are so many things that don't make sense that I don't know where to start. For instance, the fact that the boy just happened to know all the answers is so unbelieveable. And what was that about the quiz show host handing over the boy to the police like that - that doesn't happen, no not even India. And to think that the police would be stupid enough to apply third-degree methods on such a high-profile person - gosh it is all so fake. 

I am surprised that the movie won the best picture Oscar. It is a fact that Indian cinema has produced many movies that are far better than this pedestrian effort. Or perhaps the judges felt entertained by the glum depictions of an exotic and harsh place.

I said before that the movie had no redeeming value. Well I'd like to change that and say that there is one - the movie doesn't shy away from showing the dark underbelly of Indian society and goes where most Indian filmmakers feel out of their comfort zone. It brings out in the open what nobody seems comfortable to talk about and that is a good thing. However the problem is that no message is conveyed and everything is presented as a fait accompli, again just to serve as entertainment. And in that the movie leaves much to be desired.

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Well, I found the movie well-made and the cinematography was good. Many of the actors (except Patel and Pinto) were ace, too - Madhur Mittal, in particular.

I, too, thought that the plot-holes and the WTF bits were legion, though.

I am also amazed that the film won Best Movie - it does not seem like a worthy successor to other Oscar-winning Best Movies like No Country for Old Men, and similar.

If you like, you can read my thoughts here and here.
I read your entries and I agree with what you have to say. There were so many unreal bits. And I admit I exaggerated a little when I said it has no redeeming value, heh o.O