and yes i know life is ugly and unkind (longtime_lurker) wrote in india_movies,
and yes i know life is ugly and unkind

help a n00b out with a music request?

Hi all! Anyone feeling the holiday giving spirit enough for an annoyingly vague (but personally important!) question relating to Bollywood music recommendations?

I'm trying to assemble a mix CD's worth of songs from Bollywood movies that also fall under the general profile of torch songs, which I understand to mean solo numbers with a longing, yearning tone and lost/unrequited/unconsummated love as the subject matter (and probably sung in a sultry female voice). It's for a Christmas gift specifically requested by a close family member of mine, and since my own familiarity with Bollywood doesn't go much beyond the usual suspects -- Lagaan, Bride & Prejudice, Monsoon Wedding etc. -- I'm turning to internet experts such as yourselves for help. Got any suggestions that might fit the bill? They'd be greatly appreciated :) Download links also appreciated but not necessary, unless it's something that's too obscure to google, or whatever.

crossposted; sorry if I spammed your flist.
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